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Potty Training Boys


Does Potty Training Boys Really Take Longer?

If you are reading this article, then we are guessing you have already been asking yourself this very question. According to statistics the answer is yes, although the jury is still out on exactly why this is so.

However, it most likely has to do with the fact that most boys are potty trained by their mothers. Since imitation is key to understanding of how to use the toilet, it would make sense that girls would start earlier, since they are able to watch someone whose body they identify with.

In addition, however, boys have the added responsibility of learning how to pee standing up. Although most usually begin by sitting, in the end they will have to learn how to properly urinate into the toilet while standing – not as simple a task as it may sound.


How Can I Get My Son to Pee Standing Up?

When potty training boys, it is generally a good idea to have them start by sitting down. This is because they will generally have a bowel movement at the same time that they have to pee, so this will make the process a little less confusing. Also, they will probably be more focused on the task of peeing in the potty if they are sitting, whereas if they are standing up they can become preoccupied with their aim. That said, however, some boys do want to begin standing up from the get-go. If that is the case, there is no reason why they should not be able to do so.

In any case, for mothers who will be potty training their sons, try to ensure he has a male role model to show him how it is done before you try to teach him how to pee standing up. Whether it is his father, uncle, brother or a trusted friend, having someone accompany him to the bathroom and explain to him how to pee into the toilet will be a great way for your child to observe first hand what he has to do. Then you can ask him to try it out for himself in the potty.

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