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How to Potty Train Girls

My wife and I waited until I had some time off for us to try your method. We have 2 1/2 yr old twins, Boy and Girl. So it really took both of us to handle this. But I'm happy to say that it worked ! We started a week ago today, and by Tuesday, my Son was asking to go potty. It took until Thursday for my daughter to "click" as to what was going on. I'm also happy to say that we've had to change only 1 set of wet sheets since then and that was during the first night of potty training for my daughter. We've had none since ! We've also noticed that it seemed to help having them wear pants during this. It made for more laundry, but there was more clothes to be wet and they were able to feel it better.

Thank you very much

Hi Lora,
I just wanted to let you know that I potty trained my daughter (26 months) using your potty training guide over the weekend. She's done really well.

Amy Cannon

Hi Lora,
I purchased your potty training guide from you a few weeks back and I am pleased to say that it worked great. I just wanted to thank you for offering this potty training method. If you ever get an email from someone who isn't sure about this system, give them my email address and I will reassure them.

thanks a million,
Cris Warkentin

Dear Lora,
It works! Our 22 month was walking to the potty and putting himself on by day two. Your potty training guide was most helpful in directing us and giving us the confidence to move forward. Most of all we appreciate your availability and prompt responses to our questions. My wife and I cannot believe how quickly he progressed - and he can barely talk!

You're a lifesaver - thank you.

Dear Lora, I just wanted to let you know that your potty training method is a miracle!! I have tried for the past year to get my 3 year old daughter potty trained. For the longest time I thought maybe she just didn't understand the urge to pee, but I never thought that maybe she just didn't know that pee peeing in her panties was wrong. I found your site on Thursday and decided to start the very next day, as my daughter will be 4 on the 22nd. I followed your method and FINALLY she went pee pee on her potty, and we jumped around and had a good time with it. She didn't pee pee in her bed the first night and got up the next morning and went in her potty again. She does understand the urge now because she comes and tells me when she needs to pee pee. She did pee pee in her bed last night, but that's ok. I think it was my fault. She's doing really well. Thank you so much for your insight into what I consider to be a great mystery in parenting. She is my first born, and through her I will be able to teach my son with greater ease!!

Thanks so much,
April Yarborough
South Carolina

I would like to personally say thank you so much for the article of your expertise on potting training. I followed your suggestions and I'm happy to say that my daughter was potty trained a couple of months before she turned 3 years old. I now understand that potty training is a process and to successfully teach your child to use the potty takes patience, dedication, encouragement, faith, and love. Your words helped me to understand that and to know that potty training is still a process and the way it is presented to your child makes the difference between success and failure. I'm also happy to report that my 3 year old now understands to put the booboo in the potty and not in her panties. She is potty trained and does not wet the bed at night. I'm so proud of her, I feel like I have really accomplished something. Now I have a better understanding of how to get started with my second daughter when I feel that we are both ready to begin the potty training process. I thank God that I found your insight surfing through the web for it has given me great joy and confidence as a mother. I know that I can teach my daughter and she will understand and learn what I am trying to convey to her.

Tennessee Mom
R. Greene

I recently purchased your potty training guide to train my 2 1/2 year old. I had been working with her for well over a month. I had been using training pants. BAD IDEA! Well, thanks to your booklet, my daughter is finally potty trained, and in only 3 short days! I am so proud of her, and I can't thank you enough.


I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know that your system is wonderful! It's not magic or anything--but it really works! I have had my daughter in pull ups pants for almost a year going in the potty(or catching her going), and it never seemed to work. I started your system 3 days ago. The first day my daughter had 3 wet pants and one dirty. After that she has not had one accident--not even during the night! I am amazed! She is 31 months old and really wants to be in ballet class like the big girls, but she had to be potty trained first! Now thanks to you she can! Not to mention no more buying pull-ups or changing her diapers! Our son is 17 months and we are thinking of trying to train him in a few months also, since he shows a lot of interest in the potty!

Thank You!

In case you want to change your testimonials from time to time~ here's mine.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! That is the best money I have spent in- I don't know when! Your guide gave me the courage and information my daughter and I needed to move forward with our potty training struggle. I was dreading her upcomming 3rd birthday and still being in pull ups half the time. Now we can really celebrate! Since your suggestions she is officially in 'big girl panties' and had only two accidents!! We are both so happy I truely cannot thank you enough!

Melissa & Sadie

I just wanted to say thank you for your potty training guide. I have two kids.and I was attempting to potty train my second girl. I am still on the first day of training, however, she is already telling me that she has to go potty without me even asking! And it's not even the end of day one!! I understand now what I did wrong with my first girl and just feel grateful to have run across your website and training guide.


The Easy Potty Training Guide© will take you through every step.

  • Is Your Child Ready to be Potty Trained? A simple test to easily check for readiness.
  • Are You Ready? You must be ready for this to work.
  • What Will You Need? You will need a few simple things.
  • How to Start and Follow Through? Everything you need to potty train your son or daughter quickly!

Is your child already 3 or 4 years old? Well the good news is that it's not too late. You too can potty train in as little as three days. You might have a little more of a fight on your hands but it can be done!!

Excerpt from my article entitled Early vs. Late Potty Training

I'll vouch for your potty training method!

I purchased your potty training guide from you a few weeks back and I am pleased to say that it worked great. I just wanted to thank you for offering this potty training method. If you ever get an email from someone who isn't sure about this system, give them my email address and I will reassure them.

thanks a million,
Cris W

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