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Choosing The Right Potty Chair

Potty training can be a confusing time for parents and it doesn't make it any easier that the stores have such a wide range of potty chairs, toilet seat covers and urinals to pick from. Parents are left wondering which type to use. Do you use a potty chair? A toilet seat attachment for a adult toilet?

To help pick which one is best of your child during potty training, please see the info on each below.

The Basic Potty Chairs
I've always purchased the basic potty chair with my kids. None of them really used it but I always had one there for them in case they did want to use it. The basic potty chair is usually the cheapest solution for parents. There isn't anything fancy about the basic potty chair. They usually have a cup under the seat that you pull out for easy clean up.

The Deluxe Potty Chairs
They now have some really fun and fancy potty chairs out there. I'm sure that if they had these when my kids were being potty trained, they would have liked having a potty chair. They have some that make really flushing sounds, some that look like the real adult toilet, some with a toilet paper holder attached. You can even find potty chairs that are shaped like a throne! These deluxe potty chairs make potty training fun and exciting for children.

Adult Toilet Seat Covers
My kids hated these seat covers but others swear by them. These covers go over the toilet seat making the hole on the toilet smaller. This will help the child to feel that they aren't falling in. They come in fun colors and styles. You can even find padded ones. I personally hate these, at least for boys. Boys have a hard time holding their part down and with these toilet seat covers the urine usually ends up all over the actual toilet seat and then when the parent needs to use the potty, they have a huge mess to clean up. Now this is just the opinion of a mom with 5 boys!

Training Urinals
These are cool. They didn't have them when I was potty training but I still want to get one for my house. These training urinals help potty train little boys to use the urinals they will find in public restrooms. They have some that even flush.

Travel Potty Chairs
Are you a parent who's on the road a lot? Then getting a travel potty chair for your car is a good idea. These potty chairs fold up but are easy to use if your child has the need to go. It's also great for when your child refuses to use a public restroom.

When a child is comfortable and likes and enjoys the potty training chair they have, it's a much more positive experience. So be sure to purchase one that works best for your child.

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