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Daycare Potty Issues

Healthy Competition

If your child is enrolled in a daycare center at the time he starts his potty training, the process must become a team effort. Since consistency is a key component of successful potty training, it is of the utmost importance that parents and caregivers discuss and come to an agreement on the techniques you will use and how you will celebrate the transition your child makes by learning to stay dry.

Daycare can be a great setting for potty training, since children in the center often train at the same time, offering a healthy sense of competition and motivation.

Some issues to be discussed between parents and caregivers:

Potty chair or toilet? Some daycare centers have child-sized toilets and this can create the problem of using two different systems in potty training. It may be worth asking the providers how they feel about your child using a potty chair. If they agree, buy a potty chair identical to the chair you use at home and mark it with your child's name.

Underpants or pull-ups? Some parents think that pull-ups are just glorified diapers and don't teach children to stay dry, while other parents swear by them as a boon to potty training. Whether you choose to graduate your child to underpants or pull-ups, make sure the caregiver and you can come to an agreement over this issue.

Diapers for nap time? There are varied opinions on the issue of how to dress a potty-training child for his nap. Some parents or caregivers prefer to use a diaper, just for naps, while others disagree. Laundry and hygiene are issues connected with nap time training. Parents should be as flexible as possible in discussing these points.

Be Practical

Practical clothing-Providers often find that parents don't take into consideration that a child's clothing during potty training must be geared to easy and fast access to the potty. Snaps and overalls make it difficult for your child to get to the potty on time. Pants or skirts with elastic waists are excellent boons to potty training, and boost your child's chance of staying dry.

Make sure you provide the caregiver with two extra sets of clothing during potty training and try not to show discouragement when your child brings home wet laundry from daycare.

Reasonable expectations-Don't expect the caregivers to go out of their way to wash or dry your child's clothing-this is not a part of their job description. Expect caregivers to bag up the wet or soiled clothing and send it home with your child.

Timing-Don't start training when other important events are taking place such as divorce, marriage, moving house, birth of a sibling, a change in daycare center or caregiver, or during a holiday season. Consider the weather, too. It's much easier to train in warmer weather, when you won't have to deal with lots of bulky clothing.

Potty training party-Daycare centers often have a tradition regarding potty training celebrations. Ask the provider about existing traditions and how you can help with the party.


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