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Bed Wetting Alarms

Works Like a Dream

Sometimes nighttime bed wetting issues become a nightmare in themselves. If your child is otherwise dry, and bed wetting is still a problem, you may want to consider the use of a bed wetting alarm. In some children, bed wetting alarms work like, well, like a dream.

Before you invest in an alarm, you will want to consider the following points:

*Is the device going to be comfortable when attached to your child?

*Is it user-friendly?

*Is the alarm liable to be sensitive to small quantities of urine, but non-reactive to sweat?

*Is the alarm reliable in its operation?

*Is the alarm durable if dropped on the floor?

*Can the alarm be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis?

*Is the cost of the alarm under $100.00?

*Is there a money back guarantee for technical difficulties?

*Does the alarm stay on the child when he tosses and turns during sleep?

*Are the wires long enough for older children?

*Are replacement batteries available?

Some features are nice to have, but may add to the cost of the alarm:

*Clips that enable a firm connection

*A wireless system in combination with a bed mat helps to avoid tangled wires.

*An additional remote sensor for parents

*An option to set the device to vibrate rather than ring

*Volume control

Other than consumer advice, you may want to consider the following issues:

*Your child should wear a t-shirt to cover the wires and alarms, depending on the model type.

*Your child's underwear should be thin enough to hold the clips, but not so thin as to cause the clips to complete a circuit and set off a false alarm.

*An incentive system may be a helpful aid to nighttime dryness in younger children. Rewards can be distributed for cooperation with the alarm system and this can generate enthusiasm for the project, which is a critical component of success.

*It may be helpful to make a calendar which your child can fill in with different colored markers connoting wet and dry nights. This type of self-monitoring system can provide an added incentive for some children.

Active Participation

*Chores associated with bed wetting should be assigned to the child, but not presented in such a manner that he considers the work a punishment. Examples of such chores are changing linens, loading wet linens into the washer, and making the bed up with fresh linens.

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