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Achieving Independence

On Their Own

At the beginning of toilet training, children are very dependent on their parents and caregivers. They need reminders to go sit on the potty, they need help to dress and to undress, they need help with wiping, and they need lots of encouragement. At some point, however, children begin staying dry most of the time and are ready to go it without you during playdates or visits to grandparents.

Before they can manage on their own, you'll have to give them some pointers and tips. Here are some of the issues you'll want to address:

When in public places with your child, use the opportunity to point out and explain the signs for public bathrooms.

Never let children under the age of five use public bathrooms unaccompanied and make sure your child understands never to listen to or go with strangers.

Good Hygiene

Teach your child to line the seat with toilet paper for good hygiene.

Practice with your child the art of pulling his own pants up and down.

Children should be dressed in clothing with elastic waistbands for easy toileting.

Little girls must be taught to wipe themselves from front to back to avoid urinary tract or vaginal infections by wiping feces into these vulnerable frontal areas.

At first, little boys sit while urinating, but in time they learn to urinate in a standing position. Make sure he tidies up after himself since perfect aim takes time to learn. Wet wipes and old rags should be kept handy in the bathroom during this part of the training.

He should learn to clean his own messes, since this is the best way to teach him caution and care. Teach him also to lift the toilet seat before he begins and to put it back down when finished.

Teach your child to use the bathroom before going out of the house, even if the urge to make isn't strong. It might be awhile before a bathroom is available and some children find it difficult to urinate out of doors. It's not good to teach children to retain urine. It's better to take them before a long trip, and to provide ample opportunities for toileting for the duration of the trip.

It's a good idea to teach your child to urinate out of doors if you or your child aren't resistant to the idea. It's harder to teach this to girls than to boys, since they must squat and may need some physical support to achieve the task with success.

Be prepared to find that your child loves urinating outside and looks for opportunities to do so. Teach him consideration and modesty, by taking him behind a tree for cover or making sure he turns his back to the peering public.


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